The Power Sculpture Kabuto Project produced by Yasuyuki Sakura.

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The breathtaking Kabuto Project realized by the Japenese artist Sakura Yasuyuki is a great art project depicting the human great survival instinct.  Yasuyuki explained that the beetle horns symbolize ‘human instincts’. ‘Beetle’ in Japanese, is called ‘KABUTO-insect’, and the sound ‘KABUTO’ is taken from the Japanese word for armor helmets that were worn by the feudal warlords. In the Kabuto Project, people wear the very symbol of barbaric instincts and throw themselves into a cavalry battle. What it does, is simply a playback of the real survival battles in the old days in a mock style. Using beetle horns, instead of the real armor helmets, and mock battles instead of a real killing battle field. Yasuyuki wanted to translate in his art the fact that we live, because our ancestors had been the winners of uncountable serious fights fought with bare survival instincts which is a great contrast with his peaceful life in Japan.  He wanted to remind us, that we all have the capacity to be warriors, even if it seems like it is an abstract concept in our modern lives. What a better way to honor your ancestors than not taking for granted what they fought to have, but also to know that you have the ability to reach higher.