The 30 day consistency challenge.


There is sometimes a cruel lack of consistency in our lives when it comes to the things that’s we love and that can make us grow and prosper considerably. That lack of constency is a threat to excellence, to our growth, happiness, a threat to meaningful progress in everything we do. A threat to success and to the attainment of our dreams. We tend to be consistent with the futility or the things that don’t challenge us but ignore the call of our heart to follow through with what make our soul vibrate.
Success is also about daily repeating a positive behavior, a ritual, an activity, that feeds our soul. That can be a small thing such as smiling at strangers in the streets or developing the art of listening to others to practicing yoga, thinking positively,writing or reading everyday.
 Life is a ritual and the accumulation of these rituals gives us the reality that we are living.
So let’s give ourselves a 30 day of consistency.
Challenging, promising ourselves to accomplish a positive habits 30 days in a row.
An habit that has the ability to enlightenment our lives, to make ourselves feel empower and disciplined about what we want in life. Realizing that we have the tools to change our lives and attain ultimate peace.

Whatever it is that you would love to accomplish daily but never had the discipline to do, challenge yourself to do it for 30 days.
It takes 30 days to form an habit. So take time to reflect on what you want your habits to be. Buy a calendar, hang it somewhere visible in your house, write your daily habits and cross it very single day that you did it for the month.
Let’s start with the little things. Building up our discipline, which leads to building up our self-esteem and motivate us to reach higher and do more for our soul.
May you enjoy you 30 days!