Miss Me, an artful vandal that has enlightened the streets in 2014.

“Jazz Saints”

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“Aspire to Inspire”

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Queen Ella And Lady Day in Ngor Island, Senegal.

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“Ignore your power”

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Miss me is not only one of the rare female street artist, she is a social activist. A fearless, dedicated woman that has a compassion inspiring her to make art that touch people’s soul. Miss me is an artful vandal from Montreal, taking her imagination to the streets and making them an amazing open gallery.

A world traveler, she spreads her art in the streets of Paris, Zurich, New York,Berlin, submerging herself in different cultures, which gives her a deeper understanding of the world, and an edge and authenticity that translate into her work. A liberated strong woman, a 2015 feminist, she embraces all sides of her womanhood. Expressing her sexuality, her vulnerability, her creativity, while not being afraid of being political, smart and opinionated. Why should we be one or another? Miss me inspires us to embrace everything that we are as women, this is the path to freedom!

Her art serie, “aspire to inspire” feature women such as the authors,  Maya Angelou, Simone de Beauvoir, Helen Keller and the activist MalalaAll intelligent, courageous women, that are outside of pop culture. Miss me aspires to have young girls being inspired by role models like them. Miss me is encouraging women to embrace everything that they are. To not apologize for not fitting into society’s expectations of what we should be and how we should act.

Miss me’s art is all about empowerment. Going to Senegal and painting traditional women such as Queen Ella And Lady Day  in a small village may seem trivial to some people. But, it was in fact a very surprising form of healing to a population that is not use to seeing themselves glamorized and celebrated.

In her series  “Jazz Saints” she celebrates legendary musician such as Miles Davis and Nina Simone, shining light on a culture that didn’t always receive proper credit or wasn’t always understood. What’s better that being honored and named a Saint?

She really blew my mind and confirmed her passion for justice and humanity with her last serie “Ignore you Power”, this Christmas. She managed to sneak into the bus stops and plants her visual insight by reversing and maneuvering commercial advertising. That serie was all about questioning mass consumption and the tragic conditions that are sometimes involved. What a better timing and concept, making us questions our habits and responsibilities as consumers, especially during the holiday season. What is the level of our awareness, consciousness, why do we accept to buy things that were made from someone that is treated unfairly? Is that pair of jean really worth more than the human condition?

Miss me’s art is always passionately social , because this is who she is and what she lives for.  We love her for that. Art should be daring, an act of beautiful rebellion, selfless, unconditionally loving and awakening. She enlightened our year and we are excited to see what’s next! For more of Miss Me art, check out her website at http://www.miss-me-art.com

You can get a piece of her mind in this very insightful interview http://http://shtetlmontreal.com/2014/10/02/art-vandalism-saints-kol-nidre/