Kerry James Marshall is redefining blackness one painting at a time.

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Art is all about creating a reality that doesn’t exist yet. A reality that is needed to heal the world. The artist is throwing a spell on the collective consciousness through whatever art form she/he is performing to awaken and elevate society.

More than beauty or fantasy, an artist can create social healing.

Basquiat felt the desire to have most of his protagonist black in his painting, after seeing that they weren’t much of them or any at all represented in art. Kerry James Marshall is an African-American artist from Alabama born in the same year that Rosa Parks famously refused to give up her bus seat for a white passenger. Kerry James’s history inspired him to explore and redefine blackness through his art.  To glamorize it, to make the world familiarize themselves with it, and give it the space and attention that it deserve.

His painting are a delight to our soul.

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