Interviews that we loved in 2014: Bill Cunningham at 92Y

“If you dont dress the inside of your head, like you have been dressing the outside of your body. You’re in trouble. The future belong to this generation, and the high tech.”    -Bill C.

Bill Cunningham, has always been ahead of his time. He is the originator of street-style photography, valuing the fashion of the street way before it was trendy to do so, and also long before the internet era and bloggers. Bill’s photographs in his weekly column in the New York Times, On the Street, influenced fashion, culture, trends and journalism immeasurably.

How refreshing it is to see Bill, 85 years old, an icon that seen it all, done it all in fashion, fully embrace and be aware of this new era of technology. Bill is the proof that being a part of history doesn’t mean that you have to cling to it. Seeing the beauty in progress and the potentiel of the  new generation is also what a true visionary is. In this interview, Bill rejoice in seeing this generation thirst for knowledge, the shift of the old outlets to technology, and the connectedness that it can creates between us while stressing fashion to live with it time and have more substance and consciousness. Very refreshing to hear!

The second video shows how much of a good soul Bill is. He shares with us the memory of the best show that he went to, in Le chateaux de Versaille in Paris. That show was memorable to him because of the authenticity of the moment and the social meaning that it has. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, so I will stop here and invite you to watch the video… Bill is definitely an inspiration for all of us, to have integrity in our work, to aware of our environment, to be kind, socially conscious and more responsible for the world well being.