Instacrush is about showcasing people, artist, models, thinkers, or entrepreneurs that are visually or intellectually inspiring us on Instagram, making our feeds better. We love to scroll down and see what they have to share so we decided to spread the love and introduce them to you.
Our first instacrush goes to @indiachristin, a model that we had the pleasure to shoot before with beauty and a spicy personality that had always captivated us. India has an undeniable aura and a great sense of style that is illuminating the downtown NY scene and our instagram feed lol!Her natural beauty and afro-rock signature style makes her a one of a kind creature with a divine soul, a immense sense of humor and  intellect.  India can post the most flawless selfies, but she can also share the funniest memes, her professional shots or her moment of fun with her friends. This is a spontaneous and refreshing instagram. In this interview, India is telling us a bit about the story behind the photos, from her experience as a model,to boys, and her beauty routine. Enjoy the interview and check her out  @indiachristin!

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Gods Magazine: You have beautiful skin and hair, do you have a routine for it?

India: I condition my hair with Argan/ Morrocan oil products. I don’t shampoo very often, as for it dries out curly hair. But conditioning everyday is key! As for my skin, I use a glycerin based facial cleanser and Embryolisse moisturizer. On my body I use coconut oil, which is also great for many other uses!

G:Since you live (& work) between NY and LA, what are your favorite spots to hang out there?

I:My favorite spots in NY and LA tend to vary on a phase or mood I’m in. At this point, I tend to go to more of a speak easy or bar type venue in both places. Let’s just say…I’d rather see a band play or something along those lines…

G:What is your motto?

I:My motto isn’t necessarily a motto. I’m constantly changing as a person and I just want to continue to learn. In that case, if I had to have one, it’d be “Never stop being willing to learn.”

G:What is the most attractive thing about a man to you?

I:The most attractive thing to me in a man is personality and openness. I love a man who is intelligent, open minded and funny. Also one who can handle my sarcasm .

G:What is a superwoman to you?

I:A superwoman to me is a woman who is willing to be aware of her insecurities and flaws and wants to learn to move past, a woman who is constantly working on letting go of all negativities.

G: Do you have a favorite instagram page that you like to go to everyday?

I: I don’t have a specific Instagram page that I go to everyday, there are just so many.

G: What music, band or artist are you currently listening to?

I:My music playlist is always all over the place. But to name off a few artists that I’m listening to at the moment- Hozier, James Blake, Glass Animals, tUnE-yArDs, Alt-J, I could go on forever…

G: I know that you are also a musician. Where can we see you perform?

I:As far as my music- at the moment, I’m just working on my craft, so I’m not performing anywhere. Planning on eventually putting a band together, which is hard because EVERYONE is in a band haha…But things fall into place when it’s time.

G:Is there one side of your personality that you dont show on instagram, but that you could tell us about?

I:I feel that I pretty much show my personality on Instagram…I don’t really hide the fact that I smoke or drink, I post sarcastic memes, etc. I don’t really care what people think of me, I’m going to do what I want regardless, so what’s the point in hiding what I enjoy or find amusing? Instagram isn’t that serious in my opinion.

G: What’s the biggest lessons that you have learned from modelling?

I:The biggest lessons that I’ve learned from modeling would have to be that you have to have a tough skin. It’s a very cut-throat industry and you won’t survive if you let criticism get to you. I always say that you could go outside and get hit by a car and then your “career” is over. I don’t think that it’s necessarily a basket that you should put all of your eggs into…looks are fleeting. With that being said, having a personality is something that is key as a model as well. No one wants to work with a boring model. Also, having personality is something that could lead to other endeavors.

G: Do you think that having a good following on instagram is important for a model?

I:I think that people that feel they need a following is good for them, I am not necessarily one of those people.