Shaina Eve is a talented make up artist, and a radiant soul that we first met on a shoot.  We immediately recognized her talent and positive spirit. Make up is pretty much the lens through which she sees the world, so she devoted her instagram page to showcase her impressive artistry with her daily make up looks. Shaina is a 2015’s pin-up, a native New Yorker with Puerto Rican descent, that will inspire you with her creativity, from an everyday look to special effect make up. Enjoy this interview and check out her colorful universe on instagram @

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– When did you start doing make up? 

I was about 17, in high school when I learned that I could actually achieve a straight line with eye liner, lol! It’s kind of happened so quick that i literally just fell into it. Being an artist all my life you can say it went hand in hand.

-Why did you decide to devote your instagram to your make up looks?

Honestly….I was  off social media for about 2 yrs before my sisters convinced me to get social media again and  needed a way to build my career further then what it was .I figured what better way then to show one of the crafts I am good at and keep exclusively to that.

-What is make up bringing to your life on a mental/spiritual level?

Art is a form of therapy to me spiritually , emotionally and  physically heals me in all its forms. It makes me happy to know at the end of the day I am still being that expressive artist and creating magic. It feeds my creative soul and is also really nice to know I am making any women/man feel like a million bucks.

-You have tattoos, colored hair and piercings,that we love!Were you always comfortable expressing yourself through your style?

NO,No and noooo…lol! I didn’t become fully confident with myself  until I started digging deeper into myself and re evaluating my goals mentally/physically and emotionally(late teens). Now I have reached that point where I feel I can put anything on (or pierce/tattoo)and become one with that piece . I know myself , what I want , when I want it , how I will wear it and no one can tell me otherwise. That confidence took me a long time but I can say I own it .

-How many tattoos do you have?

I honestly lost count!lol! A lot of them started off really small and extended into some pretty big pieces…. Well over 30 by now if you count how I started them off.

 -What is your most meaningful tattoos?

The left side of my body has become the most spiritual side of my body, the warrior, strength and my peaceful side,the deeper side of me. The white line on my chin is my protection, rebirth, change and the center of my chest a little below my piercings. I have the caravaca cross tattooed  protection, gifts and in a weird way it gives me a little sense of peace.

-What colors have you done in your hair so far?

Pretty much any and every hair color you can possibly think of it has been done to this poor little (big) head of mine,lol! Pink, purple, blue, orange…

-What is your beauty routine? 

I normally blow out my hair myself or iron it . My natural hair texture is curly and I really hate putting product in my hair to keep it a perfect curl every day. I use morrocan oil or bio silk to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Once a week, or every two weeks I do a deep treatment , using castor oil and coconut oil in my hair for 30 min warm or I will use aloe vera added into the mix. I switch out my shampoos every three months. Currently I am using Redken. When it comes to make up, I have a pretty sensitive skin. All my skin care products that I wear by are Dermalogica skin treatments . I don’t use foundation. My go to product is mineralized skin finish from MAC Cosmetics , concealer, sculpt and shaping powders and lots and lots of highlighting …. I love a good Glow. Fake lashes are a must.

-What will you like us to know about yourself that we can’t tell by looking at your instagram?

I am vegetarian and 5’9 …. I am  a tall one.

– What basic tips will you give a woman that wanna wear a colorful eyeshadow or lips like you?

Pick a focus and stick to it. Doing a bold lip and a bold eye sometimes tends to come off too harsh and over the top for an everyday women. If you are attempting to become adventurous, either choose the lip to be your main focus or your eyes to be the focus and keep the rest more in the natural beauty tones.

-What is your most important make up rule?

Please step away from the tape and credit cards from making your contour. There are easier ways to give yourself a beautiful sculpt.

-What trends should we leave behind ?

Matching your makeup colors to fit exactly what you are wearing. Silver and black isn’t the only way to achieve the perfect smokey eye and colorful eyeshadow with a bold lip and crazy blush. It’s a great look for runway and editorial but for an everyday women can be a bit over powering.

What kind of make up will you wear on a date?

Honestly, if I am meeting the person for the first time, I try to keep it as natural as possible (gotta ease them into my crazy colorful world). It will probably be glowing skin (always) lashes and a semi bold lip.

What is your motto?

Surrender to your journey in life and watch it flow with grace.

What is your make up dream?

To be able to travel the world keying shows.

Do you have a make up guru that you look up to?

Kevyn Aucoin and Pat McGrath of course are some great ones but In truth I feed off of any and everything as inspiration. Shall I say I have many gurus in many forms/shapes and sizes.

A celebrity make up crush?

I must say Jennifer Lopez make up is always on point, and always giving that effortlessly beautiful look.

You are also an amazing painter, what are your intentions with it?

I was always an artist before I became a Make up Artist. I didn’t realize my passion for painting till high school. Eventually i would love to have a gallery of my work.

What book are you currently reading?

Will you cite us a quote from it? Of course! I love sharing some good knowledge. The book I am currently reading is from Deepak Chopra, ”Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. Here is a quote from it: “People often want to be rescued by love,and thus love gets tied to escapism and fear. Things you are afraid of, such as loneliness,isolation, and not fitting in, must be sorted out and healed on their own,not masked by throwing yourself into a relationship with someone you think will solve your fears for you.”

How do you decide on which look you gonna wear daily?

I normally go based on the mood I wake up in. The brand I normally run with is mac cosmetics, they are always on point with there products, constantly evolving and bringing more to the table, has artist friendly packaging.

What is your favorite product?

I would not say this product is new but it defiantly has been one of favorites make up forevers aqua eye liners. They are beautiful in pigment and can last in the water line without smudging.

Is there one magic product that every woman should have what will it be? Make up for ever Hd pressed powder.

You also do your own hair color, what do you use?

Currently my hair is black so i used box dye lol my shampoo is redkin and use bio silk or Morrocan Oil. I use “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in” as my leave in treatment, and Matrix heat protection spray. Also, olive oil, coconut oil,aloe vera and castor oil are all apart of the deep treatments I use when i feel like my hair needs some repairing.

What is the definition of a superwoman to you? 

A women who is full of beauty, wisdom and strength from the inside out. A woman who can help support a family and who can inspire the world to become a better person/leader.

Where can we find you for a class?

I am currently teaching personal classes. You can email me at shainae.cintron@gmail.com for more information.

What advice will you give to a make up artist that is just starting?

Be humble, no matter how big you become always remember the journey it took to get there and test!test!test shoot to help build up your portfolio.

What is your favorite part about being a make up artist?

My favorite part of being a make up artist is being able to experiment with all the new and amazing product that are out there.

What lessons valuable lessons have you learned so far being a make up artist?

To stay humble. Keep your mind open, you will constantly learn something new and be able to take constructive criticism it will improve you as an artist and person.

You have more than 30k followers, what do you think is the key to your insta success?

I wanna say posting with all of the info attached to it, hashtags and photo quality..:)