Hallelujah!! Jourdan Dunn is the first black model to have a solo Vogue UK cover in 12 years.


We are happy to see that the British finally realized that they live in a multicultural country and granted Jourdan Dunn, an english supermodel that is pretty much running the fashion industry right now, with a Vogue UK cover. London is seen has a very open minded, free, diverse city,  yet a magazine that is supposed to set the tone such as Vogue,  was still reluctant to grace their cover with a solo black model for the past 12 years. For 12 years they failed  to acknowledge the presence of their black audience on the cover. That speaks volume on how the fashion industry feels about black models and their marketing value.We still have more work to do and mentality still needs to evolve to have a more diverse representation of beauty. But better late than never I guess! We are happy to see that progress are being made, and that diversity is being more valued and acknowlegde. We hope to see more diversity from now one, and not in 12 years lol!