Empowering books written by dope women, that will help you get your year started.

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”If you’re holding anyone else accountable for your happiness, you’re wasting your time. You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you didn’t receive.  Begin noticing how every day brings a new opportunity for your growth. ” – Oprah Winfrey


“Don’t let self-imposed constraints or the idea that there’s a certain kind of work you’re “supposed to do” get in the way of taking risks and pursuing what you love.” –Selena Rezvani (Mistakes I made…)

I have been reading a lot of self empowerment book, but I  came to a point where I needed to hear advice from a women perspective. I quickly realized that a few of these books were written by and for women. I wanted to be inspired and reassured that my dreams were attainable and that, the challenges I was facing was a part of many other entrepreneurs and ambitious women’s journeys.

In my quest for inspiring books wrote by super women, I found two of them that really helped me. They were, “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey, and ” Mistakes I Made at Work25 Influential Women Reflect On What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong” edited by Jessica Bacal.

These books have been a saving grace for me because success and ambition isn’t only a boy thing, and sometimes you can feel alone in your journey if you dont have any women that mentor you. Now I feel like I have all of those ladies mentoring me, just by reading their book and their stories! I didn’t not only get a feminine point of view but I got a diversity of social backgrounds, ethnicity, and occupations allowing to find myself and relate.

“Mistakes that I learned…” is a book that made me realize that it’s ok not to fit into the traditional office environment, it doesn’t make us  weirdos. We just have to find what works for us, what is our idea of success. It can be entrepreneurship, freelance or whatever we choose, but we should always make the decision that fulfills our soul everyday. We should choose to do work that matter to us and that we believe in.  I learned that you have to take risks and follow your heart. All of these successful women inspired me to believe in myself and my point of view despite the doubts that we can have while going through society or because of the standard of behavior that are expected from us.

In her book,”What I know for sure” , Oprah, a woman that exudes wisdom and confidence, is confirming that loving ourself first is the prerequisite to a successful life. That’s we have a point in our life’s where it’s ok to choose to focus on ourself, to discover who we are what we want, and follow our dreams in  order to help others efficiently later. Despite what society tell women, we do not have to make other people happiness and wants come before our own. Oprah also believes that love is not only found in a relationship, but is first in us. Love is  in a beautiful flower, in a conversation with your family, in looking at the moon or in sharing a good meal with your friends. Love is all around us and more importantly in us, so we should never think that we are deprived of love when it’s in fact all there is. To love yourself is to believe in yourself ans what you have to offer to the world. Her notion of gratefulness and  appreciation of life daily gift such as waking up in the morning really inspired me. What a beautiful, healthy way of living. Practicing mindfulness and realizing that we are blessed, give us peace and able us to enjoy fully what we have in the present moment.

If you decide to pick up these books, I hope they inspire and encourage you as much as they did for me. Happy New Year!