Margiela x Galliano: a match made in heaven.

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John Galliano nailed his first collection for Maison Martin Margiela!!! A come back from a designer that surely has a lot to say and express through his work after the challenges that he went trough during the past few years. What a better place to do that than in one of the most innovative house in fashion such as  Maison Martin Margiela. Everything happens for a reason in life. We make mistakes, learn from them and from it all, we rise and have a stunning renaissance. Galliano gave us a mind-blowing come back and we are happy to witness his rebirth. This is the beginning of a new era, we can’t wait to see his amazing creativity unleash. Now more than ever it seem likes Margiela is the best fit for Galliano vision and creative freedom.

LONDON Men’s Fashion Week: Craig Green Fall 2015 Menswear

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Craig Green set the mood by sending his models out barefoot, making a zen statement mixed with clothes that suggest martial mastery and military influence. This collection may suggest that peace requires  discipline and vulnerability at the same time. Here are our favorites looks from the collection.

LONDON Men’s Fashion Week: AGI & SAM FALL 15

MARC0007 MARC0082 MARC0220 MARC0256

Launched in 2011 by Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton, two 28-year-old UK designers who cut their teeth working at Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, J.W. Anderson, and Blaak Homme, Agi & Sam is quickly becoming one of most interesting brand in London. A great mix of colors, graphics and beautiful tailoring for a cool artsy men is the magic that the duo created this season. Here are our favorite looks!

Childish Gambino’s video for “Sober” is the music and humor we needed to end the week.

Following the release of his STN MTN/Kauai  EP back in October, Childish Gambino drops the video for “Sober” directed by Hiro Murai and we looooovvveee it! The video is everything we needed to end the week, it’s funny, honest, romantic, and the music is great. Enjoy!

Lanvin Pre-fall 2015: chic 70’s realness!

Lanvin_045_1366Lanvin_014_1366 Lanvin_022_1366 Lanvin_023_1366

Lanvin_013_1366 Lanvin_007_1366 Lanvin_004_1366Lanvin_034_1366 Lanvin_003_1366 Lanvin_035_1366

 Lanvin is giving us some rock and roll chic 70’s realness with Jamie Bochert Mica Arganaraz for Pre-Fall 15 and we love it! The collection is everything that we wanna wear, to look chic and cool, prints, furs, tailored pieces, sneakers and some cute dresses. Here are our favorite looks.

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New york got talents! Raun LaRose Spring/Summer 15 collection.

Raun-LaRose-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-001-800x1199 Raun-LaRose-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-007-800x1200 Raun-LaRose-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-002-800x1199 Raun-LaRose-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-008-800x1200

RAUN LA ROSE is a very promising New York native menswear designer that founded his label in 2009.The past  3 past collections have been impressively sharp,fashion forward with great tailoring and progressive designs.Larose has clearly a strong vision, patience, and an attention to details. He has confirmed those qualities in his last spring/summer 15’ collection “Because of the Internet.”Larose is a designer that we are excited to see evolve and grow into becoming  a dominating figure in menswear.

Richard Mosse’s impossible images.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.28.46 PMRichardMosse_SuspiciousMinds Safe From Harm ku-xlarge

“Beauty is one of the main lines to make people feel something, it’s the sharpest tool in the box. And if you are trying to make people feel something. If you are able to make it beautiful then they’ll sit up and listen. And often, if you make something that’s derived from human suffering or from war, if you represent that with beauty and sometimes it is beautiful that’s creates an ethical problem in the viewer’s mind. Then, they are confused and angry and disoriented. This is great because you got them to actually think about the active perception and how this imagery is being produced and consume.”
-Richard Mosse

The role of an artist is to find beauty where the rest of the world see none. The role of an artist is also to shed light on issues that are ignored. To manipulate reality and serve it to us with a new flavor that may captivate our attention.

That what’s the Irish photojournalist and artist, Richard Mosse has done with these images, making a human tragedy dramatically, uncomfortably beautiful.

The Enclave” was produced using a recently discontinued military film technology originally designed in World War II to reveal camouflaged installations hidden in the landscape. This film registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light, rendering the green landscape in vivid hues of lavender, crimson, and hot pink. On the threshold of the medium’s extinction, Mosse employed this film to document an ongoing conflict situation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This humanitarian disaster, in which 5.4 million people have died since 1998, is largely overlooked by the mass media. Frequent massacres, human rights violations, and widespread sexual violence remain unaccounted for. In a kind of advocacy of seeing,The Enclave attempts to cast this forgotten tragedy in a new spectrum of light, to make this forgotten humanitarian disaster visible.

By touching us with these images, he is attempting to get our attention on what’s going on in Congo. In a world where we are desensitized  by image of war, genocides, where we are bombarded with information and violent images, maybe the only way to captive our mind is to shock us with disturbing, unexpected beauty. Richard succeed in making us uncomfortably captivated by these images, which also made us questions what we were looking at. I have to said that before I knew about the origin of these images, I was uncomfortable about sharing them. I still am a bit torn, but what’s worst than leaving things in the dark? How can you treat a disease that you ignore? These images may be controversial to some, but they may be necessary for awareness.

Art shouldn’t always be comfortable. Art should make you question things, questions ourselves, the way we live, society, the way we think, the way we relate to humanity.  Art should disturb the establishment and make you rethink about your whole existence.

Ignoring what’s going on in Congo is a lost for humanity. We are losing beautiful souls, spirits, we are losing a part of the world potential, talents, brains. By losing them we are losing love, which is the essence of every human being on Earth. That’s the reason why art is important, a desperation, a cry for help, to disturb your life’s routine, or remind you of the elephant in the room.The Mercy Corps Action Center and Portland Art Museum have partnered to provide an educational opportunity that examines the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the complicated process of Mercy Corps’ community-driven development work. To know more about the conflict and how to help ans also about the exhibit, check out the links below:
Hallelujah!! Jourdan Dunn is the first black model to have a solo Vogue UK cover in 12 years.


We are happy to see that the British finally realized that they live in a multicultural country and granted Jourdan Dunn, an english supermodel that is pretty much running the fashion industry right now, with a Vogue UK cover. London is seen has a very open minded, free, diverse city,  yet a magazine that is supposed to set the tone such as Vogue,  was still reluctant to grace their cover with a solo black model for the past 12 years. For 12 years they failed  to acknowledge the presence of their black audience on the cover. That speaks volume on how the fashion industry feels about black models and their marketing value.We still have more work to do and mentality still needs to evolve to have a more diverse representation of beauty. But better late than never I guess! We are happy to see that progress are being made, and that diversity is being more valued and acknowlegde. We hope to see more diversity from now one, and not in 12 years lol!

Motivation mONDAY

Two minute of pure inspiration with the philosopher, psychonautethnobotanist, lecturer, and author by Terence Kemp McKenna.

Netflix’s finest: Memphis.


Memphis isn’t your ordinary movie. It is a visual experience with a few but very poignant dialogues directed by Tim Sutton. If you like existentialism and beautiful imagery, you will appreciate the authenticity of this movie. Memphis‘ cast is entirely made up of non-actors found in the city of Memphis , aside from the main character Willis Earl Beal, of course, who also wrote and recorded the film’s soundtrack. Watch the feature’s just-released trailer above and visit the film’s site for more footage.