2014 Striking art : “Ecce Homo” by Evelyn Bencicova.

1-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer-1 2-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 9-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 8-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 3-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 10-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 19-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 5-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 7-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 13-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 6-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 12-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer 4-Ecce-Homo-Photographic-Series-by-Evelyn-Bencicova-yatzer

Evelyn Bencicova is a 21-year-old Born in Slovakia, and Berlin-based fashion/art photographer that definitely made a big impression in the art and fashion world in 2014.  “Ecce Homo”, is the name of her photo-serie that she released this year. “Ecce Homo” theme in Western art comes from the Christian tradition and the representations of particular scenes from the Passion of Christ and  has been revisited by contemporary artists as a way to approach human suffering and mortality in general . For Bencicova is was about creating  striking tableaux vivants making us through her art, question human behavior and society,  which she accomplished with so much soul and depth.  We love photographer like  Bencicova that are also philosophers and student of life, pushing the limits of their craft, and blessing us with art that make us think and resonate to our soul.

Photo by © Evelyn Bencicova.